Dang! I recorded a whole 1 hour show on mixlr last night but i screwed up the settings and it recorded silence! i did check to make sure it was audible during the live broadcast so at least a few people (hopefully) enjoyed it. learned a few techniques. unfortunately there were some good "lost" moments. and there were some bad ones too! including my s/w crashing a few times.

more on io.js and nodejs

this is dramatic. from what i can tell the story goes like this (please do your own research, because i haven't verified this thoroughly, and at least some of it is my own opinion): ryan dahl codes an awesome i/o tool called nodejs. joyent buys him out (i'm confused about how they buy open source s/w and what they actually own, but i'm sure it's valuable). the nodejs project gets stuck in the mud somewhat under joyent's leadership, annoying many top contributors to the github project, who then get some vc funding of their own and publicly talk about forking the project. conveniently, joyent finds an excuse to mock and further anger one of the main contributors, who then decides to completely jump ship to io.js with most of the other top contributors. io.js maintains that they are not competing with nodejs (good one!) and that they would like to merge back with nodejs at some future point.

i would love to know what major sites and software frameworks that run on nodejs are thinking and planning now. uber has come out in favor of io.js already. how about meteor? reaction commerce? ryan dahl? i am nobody, but i am coming out in favor of io.js because i believe that joyent unjustly railroaded the main contributor out the door.


i vote for io.js over nodejs

some fun with video feedback, live drumming and dj: